What Have You Bled For?
It’s been an adventuresome month. Laptop died. Took almost three weeks to get new one, salvage old data from old machine and get the new one up and running. Finally at 100% Thank you Jesus Lord of Computers!

What have you bled for? Sports injuries, good gardens, household work as you bang your thumb with a hammer?

As we move into Memorial Day—I remember all the Veterans who have bled for me and my family. Last year on Memorial Day my family and I were in Austin, Texas and we went to a cemetery to walk, pray, mourn, and be thankful on this special day. We met and viisted with a number of complete strangers–folks who also were there to remember. Some had memories more painful than others. Hunter and I visited with a woman well into her 80’s who had come to visit her WWII husband who had passed only 10 months before. She was so sweet–but she wandered off mentally at times in our conversation–looking out over the many headstones and seeing something we couldn’t see; hearing something we couldn’t hear. That is what grief is like–it is a set of clothes worn only by those who didn’t want them, didn’t shop for them ,but have them anyway and they are unique to each person–yet are recognizable to others who have grief.

This weekend–we celebrate…and mourn. We remember…and we bow our heads in thanks. It reminds me of a friend of mine and something He told me recently.

God said, “I want some friends. I have commited servants and good religious people–but I want some friends. I have some folks who wear my t-shirts and can quote my book well–but I want some friends. Jesus, would you take care of that?” And–I’m so very, very thankful for this–He did.

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Jesus

Please enjoy this incredible video and song:

Thankful for all Veterans,

Phil, Lory and Hunter Floyd

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