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Band Of Brothers


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Bennie, Phil & Rob–13 years and growing!

What Is A B-O-B?

We, as men trying to walk with and serve God, are at our worst when we are alone in the battle—struggling to manage the lives we have been given. At Caleb’s Heart, we agree wholeheartedly with Ecclesiastes 4:12 , which says,



By yourself you’re unprotected.
With a friend you can face the worst.
Can you round up a third?
A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.


I have met every Wednesday morning with Bennie & Rob–and have since 2001.  Most of our staff have been involved in a BoB for a few years and all of them, WITHOUT exception, have stated that being in a group of guys that are committed to each other, pray for each other, who don’t judge each other, who allow them to be honest about their sin and their failures-has made all the difference in their lives.  Their wives are EXTREMELY supportive of them. Their friends are envious of those kinds of manly friendships. They have buddies to catch movies with, go hunting or fishing with, to call in the middle of the night when the brown stuff hits the fan with kids or wives. Men with whom they can live out life with and have in their corner. So-we want to help you guys get some of this!



As to the name-we liked the Shakespearian phrase dealing with a Band of Brothers, as well as really enjoying the HBO special from a few years back. So we called this component of Caleb’s Heart B.O.B. and we started helping other guys develop their own Bands of Brothers. You can see the attached PDF that describes the regimen involved and how to gather a group of guys up to start your BoB.




We have staff that can come to your men’s gathering or church group and help you set up BoB facilitators. We specialize in training your leadership cadre in the concept—the tricks of the trade, if you will—and how to make this a thriving part of your life with Christ.


Fight Club is a group of guys committed to doing life together.  Regardless of our personal beliefs, we examine the historical life of Jesus, and try to model our own lives on the way he approached life.  For some of us, that means un-learning what organized religion has taught us.  For others it means getting introduced to his life for the first time.  In either case, Fight Club represents a completely fresh look at Jesus' life and an entirely new way of dialoging about stuff that actually matters in our own lives.
A place where men, disenfranchised by the church, come together to discover Jesus.
It’s a place where men come to work out life with other men.
A gathering of broken me seeking after Jesus and drawing strength from each other.