Route 66 FIGHT CLUB – Baxter Springs, KS

The first rule of fight club is…Tell Everyone About Fight Club!

Route 66

What’s the plan for this week?

When / Where / What

We gather on Thursday nights, starting at 6:12 pm and we’ll be done around 7:46 pm. We are meeting at 2102 Military Ave, in Baxter Springs, KS. All men are welcome. We begin by sharing a hearty manly meal together. We will have honest conversation about the adventure of walking out this Jesus thing. Religious people will be uncomfortable… Humble, desperate, confused, passionate men will feel at home!
Our only request is that you drop Bert a note at and let us know you’re coming so we have chow for you. Otherwise–you’ll be forced to share with some other big-dog and that ain’t pretty! Hope you’ll come join us!

Fight Club Now Postponed to Fall of 2022!

Fight Club is a gathering of men from all walks of life; broken or successful, religious or skeptic, choir boy or convict. We gather each week to enjoy a meal together and go deep in conversations about faith and life. Regardless of your stance on faith, you are invited to belong to our tribe; to wrestle with us as we tackle the big questions in life. We invite you to belong before you believe…
The common theme among FC men is that we want more: more of God, more of brotherhood, more love in our families, more purpose and depth in our lives. Wrestling with brothers over big questions strengthens us, encourages us, and causes us to evaluate our lives. Around our tables trust is earned, friends become brothers, and men walk out life together. God shows up.
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What is Fight Club? 

Fight Club is a group of guys committed to doing life together.  Regardless of our personal beliefs, we examine the historical life of Jesus, and try to model our own lives on the way he approached life.  For some of us, that means un-learning what organized religion has taught us.  For others it means getting introduced to his life for the first time.  In either case, Fight Club represents a completely fresh look at Jesus' life and an entirely new way of dialoging about stuff that actually matters in our own lives.Daniel
DanielFight Club Participant
A place where men, disenfranchised by the church, come together to discover Jesus.Mark
MarkFight Club Participant
It’s a place where men come to work out life with other men.Jim
JimFight Club Participant
A gathering of broken me seeking after Jesus and drawing strength from each other.Mike
MikeFight Club Participant
A place for men to grow a new or deeper relationship with Christ & other men without fear of judgment or plastic Christianity.Dennis
DennisFight Club Participant
Gathering of manly men in fellowship wrestling with life and the Word—as one.Perry
PerryFight Club Participant
Brotherhood of men where we belong before we believe—and a safe place for men to tell their story.Tony
TonyFight Club Participant
Men’s gathering where we discuss Bible topics and talk about what’s worth fighting for.Chris
ChrisFight Club Participant

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