What is a “Weekend Almost Alone With God”?

2017 WAAWGs

The Summer of 2017 is going to be an amazing summer of WAAWG experiences.  WAAWG stands for Weekend Almost Alone with God.  (pronounced waa–guh)

WAAWG Work Weekends at Peaceful Valley Ranch (PVR):

  • June 9-11
  • June 16-18
  • June 23-25

These working experiences will happen at the Peaceful Valley Ranch and is open to any men or women and children over the age of 12.  For more information about what we’ll be doing–contact Phil at pfloyd@calebsheart.com.  All are welcome!!

Traditional First-Timers WAAWG:

  • July 9-10
  • July 21-23
  • July 28-30
  • August 4-6
  • August 18-20
  • August 25-27

BackPack WAAWG:

  • July 21-23
  • September 1-3

If you are planning on joining us for one of these—you will want to get it on your calendar now. We will limit each experience to 9 men this year

For more information about the WAAWG experience, look at the photos and connect with Pfloyd@calebsheart.com.


WAAWG Brochure (PDF)

Ready to WAAWG? Contact us and sign-up for an event.

“Are you experiencing the full weight and measure of the pleasure of God in your life?”

If we’ll be honest—most of us would answer that question with, “Nope.” That is why we started WAAWG. Weekends Almost Alone With God were born out of the biblical examples of Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Jesus and others.

The concept is pretty simple; take a small cadre of men into the wilderness (or women into a more comfortable retreat center), set them up alone for 8-10 hours a day, and then bring them back to a roaring campfire, good camp coffee, steaks and some excellent man-time around that campfire. That is a very simple explanation of WAAWG. We believe this wild idea: If we could get a man alone with God for a few hours over a weekend; let him read the Word; let him take a nap or two; let him listen to his own heart and the sounds of rushing water; let him open his heart to the King who is passionately wild about him—and then let’s see what God might say to that man. It is simply beyond description.

When we asked participants “How did your expectation of the weekend compare with what you actually experienced and received?” we got some of these responses:

“It was better than I expected and much of what I hoped for.”

“My expectation fell short of what I was privileged to experience.”

“The experience was far greater and reaching and awakening than I could have imagined.”

Here are a couple of other quotes from men who WAAWG.

“As a young twenty something, I rarely slow down and receive clarity of direction. This WAAWG was a great time of simply being before the Father and opening my mind to His will for my life.”           Seth—young pastor and passionate man for God

“I came with a good relationship with the Father but was unaware of how task driven my time with Him had become. It was great to get uncomfortable and be stripped of my agenda and spend time alone with God.”                                                                                                John—Caught Marriage Ministry & a wild at heart dude

So—we take a few guys out on WAAWG each spring, summer & fall in Colorado. This is a transferable concept—meaning it can be done anywhere there is wilderness and men who want to try it. We offer facilitation and direction to the men who attend as well as making our team of Spiritual Directors available to come to your location and demonstrate how to plan, coordinate, staff and run a Weekend Almost Alone With God. Just give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll help.

Oh—by the way—we also suggest DAWGs. That would of course mean Day Alone With God. Check out our resources page for a directive we suggest to experience a Day Alone With God.


Fight Club is a group of guys committed to doing life together.  Regardless of our personal beliefs, we examine the historical life of Jesus, and try to model our own lives on the way he approached life.  For some of us, that means un-learning what organized religion has taught us.  For others it means getting introduced to his life for the first time.  In either case, Fight Club represents a completely fresh look at Jesus' life and an entirely new way of dialoging about stuff that actually matters in our own lives.
A place where men, disenfranchised by the church, come together to discover Jesus.
It’s a place where men come to work out life with other men.
A gathering of broken me seeking after Jesus and drawing strength from each other.