Thursday 23 November 2023
Date:14/09/2023 - 14/12/2023 6:23PM-8:17PM
Repeat Every Week(s) on : Thursday

Fight Club Parker - Fall 2023

At Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church
9030 Miller Rd, Parker, 80138
(Next to Windmill)

For more information call Phil Floyd at 720.352.5943, email

FIGHT CLUB is a group of men from all walks of life; broken and successful, religious and skeptic, choir boy and convict. We gather each week to enjoy a meal together and go deep in conversations about faith and life. Regardless of your stance on faith, you are invited to belong to our tribe; to wrestle with us as we tackle the big questions in life.

We invite you to belong before you believe.

Our Core values:
1. Tell everyone about Fight Club. ☺
2. Where you belong before you believe.
3. None of us are qualified to fix another man:
We don’t fix what God is breaking.
We don’t break what God is fixing.
4. What is said at Fight Club stays at Fight Club.


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