Equipping and resources

Just a few of our favorite links:

Dangerous Fun! Remember when you were a kid and you didn’t have enough sense to not jump off the roof of your house? Or to try other fun but dangerous adventures?  You might have fun with this link:


And Sons is a fantastic spot from John Eldredge and his sons!


Some of us grew up hard; some of us grew up easy. I love the stories of both–really dig Aaron Murray’s story here.


There are all kinds of interesting men’s ministry spots out here in internet-land. Check this one out.


Are you trying to figure out why church is so boring to you? Or why it seems like church is more like a female gig and guys are always bored? You gotta check this one out:


I hope this link will still let you check out this so-cool u-tube presentation of dancing with Jesus. I really like it:


If you’re into motorcycling (we are)—here’s a couple of good sites to start with:


My sister, Robbie Iobst, taught me to play the guitar when I was 15. She is a wonderful women’s speaker and author–check out her site: