The first rule of fight club is…Tell Everyone About Fight Club!

Fight Club Core Values

  1. Tell everyone about Fight Club. ☺
  2. Where you belong before you believe.
  3. None of us are qualified to fix another man:
    We don’t fix what God is breaking.
    We don’t break what God is fixing.
  4. What is said at Fight Club stays at Fight Club.

What is Fight Club?

FIGHT CLUB is a group of men from all walks of life; broken and successful, religious and skeptic, choir boy and convict. We gather to enjoy a meal together and go deep in conversations about faith and life. Regardless of your stance on faith, you are invited to belong to our tribe; to wrestle with us as we tackle the big questions in life. We invite you to belong before you believe.

The common theme among FC men is that we want more: more of God, more of brotherhood, more love in our families, more purpose and depth in our lives. Wrestling with brothers over big questions strengthens us, encourages us, and causes us to evaluate our lives. Around our tables trust is earned, friends become brothers, and men walk out life together. God shows up.